Listing on PancakeSwap

PayPDM, A decentralized crypto financial firm which provides blockchain based financial products and services for the crypto majority to improve the standardization of cryptocurrencies recently completed her token migration on the binance smart chain, excitingly announces the upcoming listing on the Pancakeswap.

Listing date/time: Saturday October 16th, 2021 | 13:00 E.T
Token Price: $0.020/1 PYD
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Allocated Supply: 400,000,000
Public Sale Vesting: No vesting required


All participants would have full access to the new tokenized asset during this listing with no locking required.
With exception to old tokenized asset hodlers who performed the token swap process, which hodls an automatic locking period up to a 12 mo of timing.
See article for validation

About PayPDM
PayPDM is a community backed and a non-centralized crypto financial firm which focuses on improvisation of financial products and services on the DeFi space concurrently aiding in the standardization of cryptocurrency and also aims to offer burning mechanism where long term hodlers will be rewarded. PayPDM also provides a non-custodial mobile compatible and user friendly wallet multi-wallet for managing users crypto ,crypto lending app integrated and also accessibility to various dapps with a priority to user privacy through the double mode (offline and hot storage).