About PayPDM

PayPDM through her advanced technology and modern day blockchain adoption aims to provide users which consists of majority of crypto hodlers and also individuals with flare for finance and productivity.

PayPDM Coin is a digital currency issued by PayPDM Network, It is a smart contract using the Ethereum based protocols. Backed up by trust, transparency, automation and efficiency towards crypto finance for individuals and firms.

Fin Services

FinTrade –
A foreign exchange and cryptocurrency integrated platform to have users record, exhibit and follow trading strategies with basic implementations like copy trading, trade leaders and users trading education to aid trading’s flexibilities and management remotely and efficiently.
This helps to create profitability and to increase productivity. This further reduces risks helping users with basic and advanced trading management.

CryptoLend –
Lending crypto made easy
Borrowing crypto made fun,
With average interest, non-collaterized agreement under a decentralized system, PayPDM focuses towards the huge development in the crypto lending service provision while making it accessible to crypto majority void of restriction and strict verification.

PYDEX (Acronym for PayPDM DEX)
PYDEX, which functions as a decentralized platform for users to exchange digital assets instantly and securely without the use of registration  or supervision. PYDEX is a non-custodial platform which gives users complete rights and choice over their transactions, holdings and in control of their wallets.

1. The availability of many products on the blockchain space offering different services
2. Crypto savings long term
3. Privacy concerns
4. BEGINNER-Friendly education with the usage of utilities applications
5. User flexibilities & Goals

How PayPDM provides solutions

1. The integration of multi-services within a non-custodial multi wallet app. Users can make use of various services or apps within one user-friendly interface.

2. Providing a privacy-prioritized crypto savings plan which is primarily dependent on codes and networks while giving users absolute control over without interference of a third party.

3. Online education field focused on blockchain solutions and other learning programs/courses with no restriction and ease of accessibility around the world

4. Decentralized applications focused on crypto majority with aid to long term hodling, crypto saving targets, crypto pool savings and also accessibilities of exciting platforms on the blockchain space.