PayPDM CryptoLend


A new dimension has been taken in the Crypto-Lending platform, where users can make use of this services with simple ID and no collateral. The PayPDM CryptoLend is open to various users across the world.

The CryptoLend is built with a credit-like scoring system, High scores are eligible for Higher loans, likewise Low scores are eligible for a starter loans.
In order to protect users and firm, a simple registration would be required and this would be open to users which PayPDM CryptoLend is operational within their jurisdiction.

How does it work ?

As a Lender?

Lender offers specified & available crypto to the PayPDM CL while reviewing PayPDM CL offer rates and terms of use.
PayPDM CL accepts offer if desirable, or within its acceptability limit and timings.
PayPDM CL repays offered loan at early rate with agreed interest.

As a Borrower?

Borrower searches for listed offers or submit an offer request if none.
There are two options; Borrower to Lender, Borrower to PayPDM CL.
After selecting any of the two options while reviewing the interest rates imposed and terms of use.
Lender or PayPDM CL approves offer if desirable, or within its acceptability limit and timings.
Borrower repays crypto loan alongside with agreed interest and timings.

PayPDM CryptoLend is a subsidiary of PayPDM Networks, A decentralized crypto finance firm

PayPDM Networks is the home to PayPDM FinTrade, PayPDM CryptoLend (On dev) and PDM Gamings.