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We built FinTrade, a reliable way to invest crypto

PayPDM FinTrade is a blockchain-based financial firm which is centered on financial tradings primarily to foreign exchange, crypto and crypto asset diversifications.

We implemented FinTrade as  a reliable way to invest crypto and to generate revenues for PayPDM firm and its community.

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What is PayPDM?

PayPDM is a decentralized crypto finance firm operating as an online financial services that supports the standardization of cryptocurrency usage in investing, lending, gamings and real estate, also as an electronic alternative to bank fiats.

Being a top-tier decentralized crypto financial firm providing monetized, valuable and exciting blockchain based financial products/services for financial investments & standardization of cryptocurrencies.
Being developed for the melioration and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing basic & advanced financial products/services which are made accessible to crypto users superseding the traditional finance.

Our Products:
FINTRADE:  Trusted and borderless way to hold, invest and diversify cryptos in a decentralized system  where automation meets with efficiency backed up by reliability, integrity and crypto finance.
FinTrade is developed to tackle irregularities where Investing using crypto on blockchain-based platforms has faced heavy difficulties due to the market volatility, market uncertainty, trading manipulations and many more.

CRYPTOLEND: Decentralized P2P platform for basic & advanced crypto lending system. Accessible to hodlers, priority lists and various crypto savvy individuals. CryptoLend is full backed by the PYD Crypto finance focused on the blockchain section with a disruptive market moves which offers interests on lent cryptos as well as offering secured crypto loans which are non-collateralized with due diligence, security, simple identity and comprehensive data and funds protection.

PDM RealEstate: PDM is aimed at interconnecting Real estate and Blockchain together in an auspicious and exciting medium.  PDM’s goal is to regulate financial investments through physical assets which Real estate holds hereby making it accessible to major and minor crypto adopters.
Opportunities such as having diversified assets on physical security are advantageous as Real Estate takes the lead in long term wealth generation & wealth management.

PayPDM is projected at expanding the major financial section with tie-in to Blockchain adoption to relatedly everyday life activities with primary focus on financial investments and advanced assets diversification and management.
PayPDM provides various financial products being blockchain-based platforms in order to hodl, save, auto-trade, lend, borrow and manage liquid and financial investments.

While existing problem lies, PayPDM offers solution in all ways. Backed under a major team, crypto financial services has a new dimension under the auspices of PayPDM.

The goal is to have an open finance system where there would be limitless possibilities for both community and firm.

Token Sale PYD

PayPDM Coin is denoted with the symbol [PYD]. PayPDM Coin functions primarily as a major payment method by PayPDM Network. It includes official digital currency for PayPDM services which includes financial tradings, crypto private lending, crypto funding for blockchain based firms or companies, services fee, deposit & withdrawal method, bonus methods and available for trading on crypto exchanges.

Number of tokens | Circulation

400,000,000 PYD(40%)

Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 2000 PYD, 1 BTC = 80,000 PYD

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

0.01ETH, 0.001 BTC

PayPDM Coin | Trading
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March 2018

Crypto-to-fiat exchange.

July 2018

Idea conception

November 2018

Team set-up & Partners Linked

March 2019

Rebranding & Restructuring

January 2019

Market Survey

May 2019

Private investors | Pitching

August 2019

Development Plans & Prototypes

November 2019

IEO Preparation & Market Tour

March 2020

FinTrade, CryptoLend & PDM Fundings Developments.

April 2020

Community developments

June 2020


November 2020


December 2020

IEO & Listings

January 2021

Operation Launch for CryptoLend & PDM Gamings

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

A brief about PayPDM Coin, PayPDM IEO Sales, and cryptocurrencies. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below, our support team are always ready.

PayPDM Coin - is a digital asset under PayPDM Network which is a major currency for PayPDM services which includes financial tradings, crypto lending and fundings.

For purchases, Both ethereum and bitcoin are accepted.

To partcipate in the PYD Coin sales. Buy PYD Coins from the listed exchanges above or using our quick form. Hold PYD Coins in an ethereum - compatible wallet.

PayPDM Coin is a community based digital asset under the PayPDM Networks. * PayPDM remits 30% of total profits to the PayPDM Community in scale of preference from Priority holders to general holders. * Trade PYD Coin on exchanges and get profits like other cryptocurrencies * Revenues. * Get stakes in PayPDM Developments

IEO Sales are splitted down to 4 sales round. IEO Sales 1- IEO Sales 4

Community is a commonly used word. PayPDM Community is made up of almost everyone interested in the PayPDM Networks. Join our Telegram group & Channel and make sure you filled the community membership form. No registration, No KYC.

Using our quick form above, you can buy PYD instantly. You can also participate through DEX; EtherDelta and Bamboo Relay.

IEO would officially kick off on our favourite launchpads by August 2020. Stay informed.

PayPDM Coin is digital asset, coined by PayPDM Network for the efficiency and financial implementation of the PayPDM Developments

Yes, we are thoroughly licensed and respecting all financial regulations in our community specified countries.

We decided to build a decentralized firm where no or little manual input would be required and also protecting everyone data from the team, users and even community at large.

PayPDM built FinTrade which is operational for users to earn more on their cryptos using financial trading and crypto asset diversification. CryptoLend is still undergoing development which would offer instant crypto loans to community and users without registration. PDM Funding is also undergoing development which will fund emerging blockchain based markets with growth or growth potentials. This development time is within late 2020 - Early 2021, may varies but PayPDM would always keep the community notified.

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Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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